Everyone can be a chef - Make cooking fun, simple, and effortless

Families are cooking more at home worldwide and young people are increasingly making their own meals. However, not everyone are experienced in cooking; and it is often hard to manage the timing and temperature while cooking. Carbon is an iOS Application that makes everything easy. It uses bluetooth technology to connect to a uniquely built food thermostat that helps users to efficiently keep track of the temperature of their food, the app allows users to precisely calculate the temperature and time-left during cooking to ensure the food is prepared right under the desired temperature.

Our engagement with Carbon starts with a design project, we designed a user-friendly and easy-to-use, yet modern interface tailored to the hardware uniquely built. Then, we moved on to development of an iOS Application: Albert showed us the hardware and we developed an app the works well with it.

We believed this application helps simplify the cooking process and we are excited to see how the product will evolve and create an impact in the community.

Bluetooth Technology

Hardware Integration

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