Re-imagines your music collection

Being a younger sibling of the award-winning Jamn MULTI-TOOL, it targets to become the best music player for musicians. The app is beautifully designed to make playing the songs you love super easy. It’s a game changer that makes music fun to discover and play.

Johnny Quattro, the CEO of Jamn, advances the adventure further with us after the success of MULTI-TOOL. He noticed that musicians often struggle with searching for the right chords for a song. We then worked with him and his team to plan, design and prove the idea iteratively, turning the problem into a delightful simple solution - PLAYER.

We are thrilled when Jamn PLAYER was featured globally by App Store on its first launch, won Editors choice and Best new music app from Apple, inspired more than 700,000 music lovers in the past 6 months.


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Editors Choice on Apple App Store

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