Starting of a creativity revolution - T-shirt design and making

Snaptee brings T-shirt making onto the next level — it is the pioneer mobile application that enables users to create their own custom T-shirts with entire freedom. Users use simple tools to Design, Order, and Sell unique creations of their own completely in-app. It give users the power to turn their art into reality.

Oursky set foot in the project after the team had developed the iOS Application. In order to meet the demand of users, we help Snaptee expands to Android and Web platform quickly.

Best tech outsource for tech company! Our team has been working with Oursky for years, good communication and good deliverables!

Wai-lun Hong, CEO, Snaptee

Power with Shopify and take the design one step further

We also understood that the website should not be “just another ‘Shopify' site” — it needed to reflect the creativeness and originality of the Snaptee Team. The web store is built to make browsing designs and purchasing easier, it looks great and customised while taking advantage of the features Shopify built-in.

To date, over a million T-shirt designs are available on Snaptee, and they have shipped orders to 55 countries worldwide. Oursky is proud to be part of this novel project and we anticipate the Snaptee team to continually building technologies that inspires us and the society.

Shopify Integration

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